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                I know a lot of our readers like to keep up with crypto news, especially altcoin news! Along with possible future ventures, so here is a decentralized exchange yet to be released.
If you missed the opening of some of my top picks such as Binance etc… you must not miss this!
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What Is Altcoin?
Basically a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, that’s currently in development. The exchange aims to be “the first decentralized exchange built by traders, for traders.”
As the name of the website suggests, it focuses on altcoins – which typically refers to any coins that aren’t bitcoin:
Their mission ” is to bring the entire altcoin community together to build something great, with the purpose of bringing this market out of the shadows with transparency, trust, and honesty,” explains the official website.
You can view screenshots of the exchange online at Those screenshots show BTC, ETH, XMR, and USDT as the four major markets currently available through the platform.
In the Bitcoin market, you’ll see ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, DASH, XEM, XMR, MIOTA, and ETC, among other altcoins.
Overall, the website has limited information about the project. However, you can submit your email address to the website to receive early usage of the platform sooner or later in the foreseeable future.
It’s not yet determined when the program will be released.

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[b]Altcoin Features
There’s limited information about the exchange available online. Aside from a few screenshots and bullet points, we don’t have much information about the exchange or how it will work.
There’s no whitepaper. However, here are some of the key features that have been mentioned on the website so far:
Provide better transparency than other exchanges it the main goal felt. Today, the cryptocurrency space is filled with markets that are difficult to navigate.
The crypto space contains companies with limited business experience, yet find themselves in charge of cryptocurrencies with enormous market caps. aims to “bring a new approach to this industry that is both transparent and provides the best customer support in the business.”
A Better User Experience:
plans to create “an unparalleled user experience” compared to other exchanges available today.
Strong Security:
Like all exchanges, this one particularly emphasizes security. Their exchange is decentralized, so there’s no centralized system to attack.
Advised By Active Cryptocurrency Traders:’s advisors include active cryptocurrency traders.
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[h3]Who’s Behind the company Altcoin?[/h3]
The website isn’t totally clear about who’s running the company. The website features a subheading for “Team, Investors,”
However it is in the early stages so all in all, it looks great so far, let’s hope its another early found gem!

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