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Due to the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Game Development Summit: Strange Worlds – About Spatial Experiences in Digital Games

Starting with their genesis in the last century, digital games have explored a variety of spaces.
Two-dimensional worlds evolved rapidly – from plain, simple „Pong“ to the highly detailed surroundings of „Monkey Island“ – and with the development of 3D games we are now able to experience and navigate complex, almost lifelike environments.
Due to the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality, the definition of space has recently been expended again, giving players the opportunity to move their real bodies through virtual space, or to merge the real world with that of digital games.
The „Strange Worlds“ summit will explore this topic from a variety of perspectives and give the audience a chance to discuss the topic with game developers, artists and scholars.

Summit coordinators:  Björn Bartholdy

Nina Kiel.


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