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the Founder: OPERATE track is for you

Attend Boulder Startup Week.
Get Ready for BSW 2020.
May 11, 2020 – May 15, 2020.
This year’s event is online only.

Our schedule is now live!  View the Schedule   Learn More About Our Tracks

Accelerator      It’s no secret that startup accelerators provide invaluable support to startups through connections, mentorship, and seed investment.

Colorado is incredibly fortunate to be home to some of the best accelerators in the world

and Boulder Startup Week brings these leaders together to share opportunities to help accelerate your startup to the next level.
Aerospace      Space.
This is a growing and exciting field.
There is a lot of “gee-whiz” excitement here, knowing that your product literally can change how we perceive the universe.
Come and join and bring in the innovating thinking of the startup field and shoot for the stratosphere.

These tracks will let you know—you don’t have to be Elon Musk to get  into Space

Art               Basecamp      Open daily 8am to 5pm, Basecamp is a place for BSW participants to orient themselves.

Grab a free Boulder Startup Week T-Shirt (while supplies last)

and engage with local startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators.
Bootstrapping               Cannabis & Hemp      The cannabis and hemp industries are exploding, with new brands and businesses entering the space every day.
But knowing where the hype is real and where it’s not is critical.
This year, the cannabis and hemp track will look into the realities around the novel industries and which opportunities are ripe for entrepreneurship.
Community               Creatives      The creative track for BSW promotes programming that ignites participants creativity and ideas.
The purpose of the creative track is to provide participants with hands-on experiences to learning new techniques and new ways of processing and thinking.
Data Science      The data science track brings together events related to machine learning and AI, data ethics, and tooling for data science.
If you’re a current or aspiring data scientist, or your company is exploring data science and machine learning strategies, this track is for you.
Design      Design is critical in developing products that solve complex problems.
Events in this track take up design in a broad sense, from conducting user research to the ins and outs of designing digital products.
Development               Education (EdTech)      The Education track provides a taste-test to our burgeoning education startup & innovation ecosystem in Boulder and our surrounding communities. We’ll have events to showcase our diversity of startups, organizations, and educators, and focus on topics ranging from Innovation in Early Childhood to Ignite-Style Storytelling from K-12 Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs.
Energy      This year the energy track is expanding to new grounds.
Look forward to talking about new energy efficient transportation startups.
Along with hosting a live podcast about communities and startups working with energy, tech and utilities.
We’ve added an interactive event where we’ll build ideas to decide where the money for clean energy from grow houses could go.
We’re eager about this list of new, but as always, get excited about the Energy Nerds Happy Hour where we can recap the week and talk about all things energy.

We can’t wait for the 10th year of Boulder Startup Week and the energy track

Equity Solutions      How does equity bring value to your bottom line.
How do we translate the equity practices familiar to HR and D&I, across the business environment, from UI/UX, to product management.
Together we’ll learn solutions you can apply in your business today— solutions that not only increase the equity of your startup, but contribute to your valuation.
Finance      The finance track is focused on providing actionable information on how to start and grow your business from a finance and accounting perspective.
From setting up your systems for success to raising money and managing your cash flow.
There will be something there for every stage of startup from idea to IPO.
Food      The 2019 Food Track is going to be big and delicious.
In addition to the traditional CPG focused events expect to learn more about new age trends like e-commerce, big food system issues like food waste, innovation and opportunity across the food value chain, the role of technology in food and agriculture, and even a potential farm tour to reconnect with our Boulder farmers.
Founder: BUILD      Are you in the process of establishing a scaling strategy and learning how to iterate on the fly.
In the Founder: BUILD track, you will hear from seasoned founders on lessons learned in leveraging your network, managing the founder life, and how major disruption may be the key to success.
Founder: OPERATE      The seamless operation of your business is mission critical. How do I work with my management team.
How can I incorporate social cause into my mission.
How can I avoid major entrepreneurial pitfalls.
If you are asking yourself these questions, the Founder: OPERATE track is for you.

Join the OPERATE track and learn from those that have gone before you

Founder: EXIT      Imagine a journey where your hockey-stick growth has led you to the exit that you’ve always dreamt of.
In the Founder: EXIT track, we will help you tell your story, build your vision, and make you feel confident in making your dream a reality.
Gen Z         This year.

Boulder Startup Week is excited to announce two opportunities for Gen Z

the Pitch Challenge and Ideas to Reality.
Learn more here.
Health      The BSW 2020 Health track is focused on two central and important themes: Founder’s Health and Innovating in Healthcare.
We’ll explore a variety of topics central to a founder’s wellbeing – including daily experiential events focused on bringing your best self to your enterprise.

Our Innovating in Healthcare sessions will debate

discuss and share the most pressing issues and opportunities in the industry today.
Both themes will highlight visionary speakers and provocative topics designed to challenge your perspective and expand your thinking.
Human Tech      What are the limits of being human, when biological systems are conjoined with technology as never before.
In our track.

We have put together a series of events on the topics of Brain and Mental Health

The Augmented Human, Human Tech and Exponential Technologies, and Performance of Consciousness in search to answer this question.
Come learn about human-machine interface technologies that are disrupting the way we think about human experiences.
Internet of Things      IoT, the Internet of Things, connected devices, edge computing, enterprise of things, the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0… The list goes on but this track is about all of them.
With over 22 billion connected devices in the world the umbrella of ‘IoT’ is getting bigger.
The events of this track is where you can make sense of the current landscape and what value we can create right here in Colorado together.
Investor      Do you invest in startups or are you raising a round.
The investor track hosts talks and events on the latest in investing.

Topics range from the venture landscape in Colorado to alternative funding vehicles

Legal - Entrepreneurship      The Legal-Entrepreneurship track provides practical guidance to founders, investors, executives and employees of high-growth companies.  Topics will include structuring investment deals, nuances of equity compensation (for employees and employers), how to read a “cap table”, early stage due diligence pit-falls, and big picture contract issues.
Marketing      Successful marketing is key to getting people interested in products and services, especially for startups.
The marketing track will share the latest in marketing strategy, digital marketing, analytics, paid media, and more.
Whether you’re the next big SaaS company or a new chain of trendy ice cream shops, you’ll gain the knowledge to take your company to the next level and grow your business.
Mixed Reality               New to Boulder      Are you new to town or want to meet more amazing people that call Colorado home.
This track focuses on welcoming you and providing amazing ways to connect to new friends and discover community and Boulder’s startups.
Nonprofits      For the first time in Boulder Start Up history 2019 will include a track for everyone with an interest in learning, experiencing and networking with professionals who have an expertise in the world of non-profit organizations, which have a very large percentage of the workforce and contribution to GDP.
Whether you are interested in starting a non-profit, working in a non-profit, reinventing your current non-profit or meeting people from the sector, the BSW2019 non-profit track will have something for you.
Office Hours      The Boulder Startup Week 2019 mentor office hours provides a rare opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to have personalized time with an established business leader to discuss their latest projects.
The track features a 2-hour time block where entrepreneurs will seek thoughts from mentors in 20-minute one-on-one sessions.
Physical Products      Does your startup produce physical products.
This applies to a wide range of companies and products but often have similar challenges.
From concept to manufacturing, financing to sales, marketing to logistics, the Boulder Startup Week Physical Products Track examines and discusses all of these challenges and more.
Come meet and interact with executives from a wide variety of makers.
Product Management      The Product track will explore how to explore, iterate upon, and grow a product that solves real problems.
Relationships                Robotics               Sales and Customer Success      Customer Success is a way of doing business where the entire company is focused on proactively addressing the customer’s product adoption, satisfaction  and growth after the sale.
This track will address such topics as what it is/isn’t and how to get started, explore the role Sales takes in conjunction with CS in delivering a One Company experience,  Real Stories from local Tech Startups on how CS influenced their growth and how hiring “right” & the customer centric culture is the foundation for obtaining customer satisfaction.
Social Impact      A series of experiential events focused on how our work can be a vehicle for powerful, positive impact.
These events are for you if you’re serious about making a difference and want the tools, connections, and personal transformation to make it happen.
Solopreneurship               Sustainability      Sustainability and a Circular Economy We hear all the buzz words – recycle, reuse, end-of-life and now circular economy.  Circular Economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.  The BSW Sustainability Track 2020 will cover the challenges that we all face and will highlight companies that are able to solve some of these issues while building a business around it.  A common thread will be – what will be the results – current impact and future impact, if these issues do not get solved?  Our 4 events will cover:  Plastics, Zero Waste, Clothing and Food.  Who knows – you may hear something that sparks an entrepreneurial idea for a startup.
University      Universities and startup ecosystems go together like peanut butter and jelly.
(Stanford and Silicon Valley, MIT/Harvard and Boston, CU Boulder and Boulder.) Learn about CU Boulder’s role in helping attract and support amazing entrepreneurial energy for Boulder and beyond.
Web 3.0 / Blockchain      The internet as we know it, Web 2.0, is rapidly transforming into a centralized system of mass surveillance.
The most well-known platforms of today (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc) are incentivized to operate in ways that frequently violate the values of their users.
The vision of web 3.0 is a more equitable internet rich with: privacy, self-sovereignty, digital freedom and autonomy.
Come learn about everything that is being done to address the problems of web 2.0 and how you can start transitioning into web 3.0 today.
Who Am I      Traverse the divide between you and your work, delve into your identity and mission, and create a framework to support your goals.
Bring all the hats you wear for cross-disciplinary conversations–no matter where you are in the process.
WILD: Women Inspiring Leadership Development      The WILD track is a condensed version of the former WILD Summit, focusing on shattering ceilings, breaking molds and challenging gender status-quo as we forge brighter futures for women in business and leadership.
Join us on May 16 th  for candid conversations on relevant and provocative topics that celebrate women’s startup success, diversity power and leadership impact.
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