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is a great radio show broadcast nationally on Public Radio

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is a great radio show broadcast nationally on Public Radio, providing health  information  about both medical and alternative treatment options.
are the wonderful folks behind the show, and I’ve been friends with them for many years as I’ve followed their innovative insights into.

You can listen to my story on   You can also   Take care,

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Using Virtual Worlds to Reduce Stress

April 3, 2012                 4              relaxation training in a  virtual  world  A fascinating paper was just published on the topic of using virtual worlds to train people in stress reduction techniques.
Read the full paper here: “The  Feasibility  and Impact of Delivering a Mind-Body Intervention in a Virtual World” The paper describes a pilot project using a virtual space to bring volunteers through a mind-body medical intervention.
The volunteers learned how to elicit the relaxation response, a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress.  Typically, people learn how to do this in physical-world training sessions.  But in this case, they were able to use a 3d simulation in a group learning  environment .
Some of the challenges they faced in the course of the project included:  “…although it is indeed feasible to present this type of program in a virtual world, the  user interface  is problematic.
Recruitment was limited to individuals with prior experience in  Second Life  since the interface was known to be a barrier to entry.
Even with such inclusion criteria, some of the less experienced users had problems that likely affected their participation.”   and “…in the absence of remote sensing technology, it is very difficult to know if the participants are taking part in the exercises or successfully eliciting the relaxation response.” Our next-generation multiuser virtual world platform Jibe addresses all of these challenges.  When you set up your own Jibe world, you have complete control over the user interface and can customize/simplify it however you wish.  A Jibe world can also be embedded in any web page.

Which makes it as easy as possible for people to access.  And finally

we’ve build our Jibe platform from the ground up so that it can directly interface with remote sensing technology.

Due to the positive results from this pilot study,  Dr

Daniel B.
Hoch and his team are planning to conduct further research.  It will be very exciting to see techniques like this evolve to improve the quality of life of people  around the world .  And here at , we’ll keep building the technological platforms that can help make it all happen.
UPDATE 4/6/2012: Here’s a press release about the research project from Massachusetts  General  Hospital with additional quotes by Dr.

Chief Learning Officer ReactionGrid Inc

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