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Solving the unsolvable for the world&#8217s biggest industries

C3 AI Suite. Ex Machina.  COVID-19 Data  Lake. Predictive  Maintenance . Inventory  Optimization . Energy  Management .  Anti-Money Laundering . Sensor Health. Fraud Detection. CRM. Readiness.
Solving the unsolvable for the world&#8217s biggest industries.
Increase manufacturing throughput, supply chain efficiencies, .

And services revenue                                                     Manufacturing

Improve uptime, increase production output, mitigate risk, .

And optimize processes                                                     Oil & Gas

Improve asset health and increase customer  engagement                                                      Utilities.
Improve operational efficiency, increase customer engagement, .

And mitigate risk                                                     Banking

Increase  operational  readiness and reduce equipment downtime                                                     Aerospace & Defense.
Improve diagnostics, treatments, outcomes, .

And patient experience                                                     Healthcare

Transform shopper experience and  supply chain  capabilities                                                     Retail.
Improve customer mix and reduce operating costs                                                     Tele communication s.
Improve public services and safety                                                      Smart Cities .
Improve fleet management and customer service                                                     Transportation.
Together we can transform your business.
24                Fortune 500 companies                                                        120                AI applications deployed                                                        175,000,000                predictions every day.


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