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Posted 1st May 2020 by filed under SmartHome & IoT

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0Getting the most out of HikVision Cameras

Posted 1st May 2020 by      filed under  SmartHome & IoT.

I have a 4Mpix Hik­Vi­sion mini dome cam­era for CCTV on the house

It provides a pretty reas­on­able pic­ture con­sid­er­ing the price, but the man­age­ment inter­face is a bit rub­bish and get­ting it set up with any­thing is a bit of a nuis­ance.

So heres some notes on get­ting it work­ing…… Read Full Art­icle  cctv

firmware, hikvision, internet explorer, milestone, xprotect 2Cheap WiFi SmartPlugs with SmartThings.

Published 17th Mar 2018 by     filed under SmartHome & IoT

Last  update d 12 Dec, 2018.
SmartTh­ings com­pat­ible smart plugs are annoy­ingly expens­ive — typ­ic­ally around £40.
This is far too expens­ive to con­sider buy­ing many of.
There are how­ever WiFi plugs avail­able online for around £10 that don’t offi­cially work with  SmartTh­ing s.
Most of them are based on the ESP8266 chip which can be reflashed with new firm­ware that will work with  SmartTh­ing s.
Below I doc­u­ment my tri­als and tribu­la­tions with hack­ing  these  plugs… Read Full Art­icle  arduino, esp8266, firmware, Smart Plugs, smartthings, tasmota 2Fix for problems with Seagate Momentus XT.

Published 20th Jul 2011 by     filed under Misc Hardware

Last  update d 6 Aug, 2012.
I’ve had prob­lems with the new Seag­ate Momentus XT hard­drive in my new­est HTPC.  The PC was lock­ing up every 48 hours or so (which may have been related to standby), was  occa­sion­al ly jerky, and upon reboot would often refuse to boot with an error about a miss­ing boot device, which could only be fixed with a hard power cycle.  There is a firm­ware update for the drive to SD25 but this did­n’t resolve the issue.  How­ever, after I changed the power man­age­ment set­tings in Win­dows 7 to nev­er spin-down the hard­drive, the prob­lems all went away.  Suc­cess!Update (14-Sept-2011).  Seag­ate has released firm­ware SD28.  There are reports that this fixes sev­er­al issues and is a worth­while update.
Crash, firmware, momentus xt, sd25, seagate, .

Update 2NeoDigits / Helios Network Media Players
Published 1st Dec 2010 by     filed under Network Media Players

Last  update d 4 Dec, 2012.

I recently had cause to resur­rect my old NeoDi­gits Helios X3000 net­work media play­er

and noticed that Helios have deceased.  Sadly this means links to their soft­ware and firm­ware are no longer avail­able.  Thanks to Ravi Srivast­ava and Sean on myce I was able to find altern­at­ive links, although as of Decem­ber 2012 these are no longer act­ive either.  For­tu­nately I grabbed everything whilst I still could.… Read Full Art­icle  firmware, h4000, helios, neodigits, neolink, x3000, x5000.


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