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Farming Simulator 18 game resembles an economic strategy


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Farming Simulator 18.
Farming Simulator 18.
4.22/5             Last version:       Download APK + OBB                Farming Simulator 18 – a new simulator in which you can feel like a real farmer.
In this Android application, the developers have provided crops that are even more different and equipment as well as business opportunities.

Farming Simulator is considered the reference farming simulator and with each new version

it is brought by developers to the ideal.
Now the player is invited to breed and care for livestock, harvest, sell it at a bargain price at the right time in the market, or dispose of it at will.
Farming Simulator 18 APK has implemented more than 50 units of agricultural machinery and accessories for it (tractors, seeders, combines, trailers, etc.).
The most popular manufacturers were selected and precisely modeled from real samples, so they look as realistic as possible.
If desired, you can raise pigs for sale, raise sheep and cows by collecting resources from them: wool and milk for sale.
Now players can engage in growing and cutting forests using powerful specialized equipment.
The economic component will also please the players.
To get regular good profit, the player will have to analyze the market and, depending on the demand for products, trade it.
Using a WiFi network, you can enjoy the game with friends.
Farming Simulator 18 Android developers have worked hard to create the most realistic texture textures.
Any tractor and even a tank looks to the smallest detail like an original.
The environment, buildings, plants and animals – all this looks nice and does not hurt the eyes at all.
That is why fans of this genre are primarily waiting for the release of the new version of Farming Simulator to download it.
In terms of the genre, Farming Simulator 18 game resembles an economic strategy, however, unlike other similar simulators; all necessary game actions are performed with a single button press automatically, but manually.
The player will take care of the animals, feed them, collect eggs with their own hands and get milk.
The same applies to all other actions in the game, you will have to ride tractors and other rural equipment to plow fields, get resources and so on.
As your own business develops, the player’s ownership will expand, there will be more work and it will become more difficult.
If you have to start the game on a small plot of land, using one tractor and collecting eggs from several dozen chickens, then by the middle of the game the novice farmer will have an extensive farm, which you can’t get around in a few minutes.
At his disposal will be several thousand animals, a huge arsenal of equipment and many ways to get game currency.
nice 3D graphics;.
easy control and quick interaction with the game world;.
large selection of agricultural machinery, from trucks to huge combines;.
huge number of vegetables, fruits and berries available for growing;.
many species of animals;.
need to interact with neighbors in the site to receive bonuses and improvements;.
many unique chips and unexpected gaming events that make you make quick decisions;.
interesting and realistic trading system;.
realism of what is happening.
Farming Simulator 18 download, Farming Simulator 18 apk, Farming Simulator 18 Android.

Farming Simulator 18 Application

Farming Simulator 18 App, Farming Simulator 18   Show MoreHide     Updated 04.01.2020   Category    Latest Version   Publish Date 07.06.2017   Get it on              Previous versions   v1.4.0.6      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  15.88 Mb    139.33 Mb   Download Cache Farming Simulator 18 frome Torrent        v1.4.0.5      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  16.13 MB    138.37 MB    16.16 MB        v1.4.0.1      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  15.14 Mb    139.33 Mb   Download Cache Farming Simulator 18 frome Torrent    15 Mb        v1.0.0.7      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  13 MB    137 MB   Download Cache Farming Simulator 18 frome Torrent        v1.0.0.3      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  12.61Mb    159.24Mb        v1.0.0.1      Download Farming Simulator 18 APK  11.89Mb    159.24Mb           Similar       Brawl Ninja: Idle RPG                                                              Last added                                Popular.
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