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Computer Screens & Monitors (2)

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Products  search .
Products  search .
Cadan Assistive  Technologies ’ goal is to make technology accessible to all.
On this site, you will find computer access equipment to met every  technological  and daily living need.
Hundreds of I pad  accessories , adaptive switches, and ergonomic tools are available to enhance communication and learning.
Adaptive  computer screens  and monitors are listed to accommodate those who have blindness or low vision.
Serving the special education  community  is our passion.
If there is something you don’t see in our  online  store call us at 651-456-5760 and we’ll help you find just the right product.
Adaptive  Switch es (100).
Cables &  Accessories  (7).
Computer Screens & Monitors (2).
Computers & Desks (3).
iPad Accessories (31).
Keyboards & Mice (25).
Mounting Systems (60).
Tables/Desks & Chairs (2).
DUNS Number 83‐958‐5676 SAM Approved CAGE Code: 69RX7 Federal ID Number: 41‐1814073 MN State ID Number: 214‐4362 NPI# 1821410143            If you are unable to find exactly the right product contact us at 651-456-5760, we are here to help.


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